Started in 1954, the Long Beach Island Surf Fishing Classic is one of the nation's oldest and most recognized surfcasting tournaments. (Check out the Tournament Archive for infomation from over the years) The nine week surf fishing tournament for striped bass and bluefish offers surfcasters the opportunity to compete for thousands of dollars in daily, weekly, segment and grand prizes. Additional special prizes presented by businesses, fishing clubs, participants and supporters really adds unique flare to this community event. For more details about the Tournament Rules and Prizes see below.

The LBI Surf Fishing Classic Committee in partnership with the Southern Ocean County Chamber of Commerce is ready for the 2018 fall fishing season! The 64th Annual LBI Surf Fishing Classic kicks off on October 6th and runs until December 9, 2018.

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2018 Is Loaded With Special Prizes...


  • Largest Red Drum Each Segment - One $100 Cash Award (Legal Size: 18" - 27")
  • Fisherman's Headquarters Weekend Prizes - $100 Gift Certificate for Heaviest Striped Bass Each Saturday & Sunday.
  • Lure Only - No Bait Prize:  John Parzych, a long time friend and participant of the Classic, offers two custom rods; one to the largest bluefish and one to the largest striped bass caught on a lure (artificial). A conststant can not win both and can not win if already won in a previous year.


2018 Bonus Cash Days: These are big money days...Save The Dates!

  • October 7 - $500 Cash Award For The Largest Striped Bass
  • October 12 - $250 Cash Award For Largest Striped Bass
    (In honor of Robert "Jingles" O'Brien from Jingles B&T)
  • October 19 - $250 Cash Award For Largest Striped Bass
    (In honor of Ric O'Brien from Jingles B&T)
  • October 31 - $500 Cash Award For Largest Striped Bass
    (Courtesy of Surf City B&T)
  • November 4 - $250 Cash Award For Largest Striped Bass
  • November 16 - $500 Cash Award For Largest Striped Bass
    (In Honor of Frank Panzone)
  • November 22 - $250 Cash Award For Largest Striped Bass
    (In Honor of Bruce Hoagland from the Hoagland Family)
  • Dec 2 - $250 Cash Award For Largest Striped Bass

*Winners based on fish weight & time of weigh-in as per standard contest day, not day of catch.  See details pertaining to “Weighing” Rules Section 9B.  In the event no fish are scored the Special Daily Awards will roll over into the following day(s) until awarded.



Tournament Rules & Prizes Brochure

The Official 2018 Tournament Brochure is posted below. This document is provided at time of registration and details the specifics of the tournament, including the rules, prize structure and sponsors.


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Tournament Rules & Prizes Brochure Side Two